LIT Meditation Club Annual Gift Subscription

What better gift to give than peace of mind? Twice weekly, live, interactive Tantric meditations will help the one you love find balance and vitality within a loving community. Plus, up to $1,000 of quality Tantra workshops from ethical practitioners around the world. This is the perfect gift for the spiritual seeker in your life. You save 50% off regular club dues when you purchase an annual subscription! 1% of purchase goes to survivors of sexual abuse.

How it Works: Your loved one will need a Facebook account. S/he will be added to the LIT Meditation Club private Facebook club page, where s/he can enjoy twice weekly, live, interactive Tantra meditations and over $1000 of live broadcast, online Tantra workshops.

Please note: Your will receive an invoice from Living In Tantra's parent company, Great Idea, LLC.