Yoga of Sacred Sexuality

You have a longing for sex to be so much more. More than pornography. More than getting off. Your longing is spot on. What you've never been told is your sexuality is the gateway to your birthright as a balanced, content, vibrant person. Yes, seriously! With the full power of sexuality "under your belt" you can go beyond just good sex to the two most important aspects of being human: loving and be loved more deeply than you could ever imagine.

In just twelve weeks, the Yoga of Sacred Sexuality will uncover the full spectrum of your sexual energy for an unprecedented journey into your authentic Self. Benefits include:

  • Opening your body to deeper, richer sexual energy
  • Rethinking and expanding your experience of orgasm
  • Challenging and expanding your beliefs about sex and Who You Are
  • Using sex energy to create and achieve your goals
  • Identifying and blasting blocks holding you back from your dreams
  • Understanding your passions and saying yes to them
  • Optional: Creating intimate and lasting connection with a partner

In this twelve week live broadcast series only available to members of this group, Dakini Leah will introduce you to sacred sexual yoga basics. Watch as a couple, or allow Dakini Leah to be your virtual partner for each lesson in the series. Track your progress by sharing your thoughts and experiences with other members in the safe space of this private group. Dakini Leah deeply cares about your progress and will answer every comment you make. Want to go even deeper? PM her for private, one-on-one lessons.

Feed your soul and feed a family! A portion of the proceeds from this class will support the Green Junction Farmstead, a Colorado CSA dedicated to providing fresh, locally grown produce to patrons of our neighborhood food bank. Green Junction believes (like Dakini Leah does) that fresh food can be orgasmic, and is for everyone--even for those who can't afford it.

Still not sure the Yoga of Sacred Sexuality is for you? Call Dakini Leah at 970-242-5094 for your free 30-minute Discovery Session, or just try it for two weeks FREE! If you don't find it a powerful journey into your authentic Self, cancel at no charge.

What Students are Saying:

"Amazingly happy on the journey of learning to love myself and giving that same love to others!"
"Such a lovely divine practice. ...Please bring me more."
"I'm in tears for how easily this takes me into the depths of myself."

Free for 14 days, then $0.99/day X 1