10 Minute Tantra Course

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Here’s your FREE 10 Minute Tantra course! Ten videos about 1 minute each to make it easy for you to learn some Tantra basics. I hope they answer most of your questions about what Tantra is and how it can change your life. Double click on the videos to watch them in full screen. Then, click Free Discovery Session at the bottom to explore working with me one-on-one. Sat nam, beautiful soul! I’m excited for how Tantra will rock your world.  – Dakini Leah

Lesson 1 – What is Tantra?

Lesson 6 – What is Kundalini?

Lesson 2 – Intimacy, Healing & Self-Development 

Lesson 7 – What is Tantric Massage?

Lesson 3 – How is Tantra Different from Pornography and Orgies? 

Lesson 8 – How is Tantric Meditation Different from Regular Meditation?

Lesson 4 – Five Tenents of Tantric Practice

Lesson 9 – What are Yoni and Lingam?

Lesson 5 – Does Tantra Reveal the Meaning of LIfe?

Lesson 10 – What is Men’s and Women’s Tantra?

Tantra is for healing, intimacy, and self-developmen!