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 living in Tantra code of ethics

I am passionately dedicated to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of my Tantra work.  – Dakini Leah

Living in Tantra Code of Ethics

Adopted October, 2020

All Living in Tantra services are offered by Dakini Leah Kenyon, Certified Tantra Educator. For the purposes of this code of ethical practice, a Dakini is a trained female Tantric minister, healer, and educator. The Dakini’s priority is providing high quality Tantric ministry, healing, and education with the utmost integrity.

Session Work

  • Student-Centered. The Dakini offers all services in recognition that the student is in full control of the service and can decline any aspect of the service or stop the service at any time. The student’s privacy, dignity and comfort will be respected without fail, and reasonable modifications will be made as necessary to accommodate physical limitations or injuries.
  • Spiritually Connected. The Dakini will act in the best interest of the student’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being at all times, working under the guidance of Spirit in all aspects of every service offered.
  • Compassionate. Living in Tantra services will support the student’s healing, spiritual journey, and personal growth with love and compassion.
  • Respectful. Living in Tantra sessions will be custom-designed with respect to the student’s beliefs, worldview, spiritual practices, level of expertise, goals, personal freedom, and self-responsibility. 
  • Boundaries. Clear boundaries and goals will be discussed prior to each session. Boundaries may vary from session to session, but once established, will not be relaxed mid-session.
  • Informed Consent. The student will be briefed ahead of time about session details, and informed consent will be obtained in writing before the first session.
  • Autonomy. Courses of study will be designed and taught to maximize the students’ ability to duplicate the skills for themselves. Over-care is inherently disempowering and will be avoided.
  • Equal Opportunity. As long as it is within her skill set to serve, the Dakini will not deny service because of sex, religious belief, political affiliation, culture, ethnicity or race, age (as long as at least 21), body type, sexual orientation, finances, or physical handicap.
  • Limitations. The Dakini will have a clear understanding of her limitations as a provider and the limitations of the benefits of Tantra, and will communicate them to her student as necessary. The Dakini will refer to students to more appropriate resources and providers as necessary and will obtain answers to questions she doesn’t know.
  • Confidentiality. The student’s personal data, case notes, and fact of being the Dakini’s student will be kept strictly confidential and will only be shared with written consent from the student.
  • Candidacy. All students will receive a complimentary discovery session to determine if Tantric study with the Dakini will be beneficial for them. The Dakini will not offer services to students whom she believes are not ready to receive the teachings or who would not benefit from them.
  • Safeguarding Student Progress. Relationships of a romantic and sexual nature between the Dakini and the student create conflicts of interest and may hamper student progress; therefore, romantic/sexual relationships are not appropriate until at least two months after professional services are considered complete. The Dakini may offer services to past romantic interests/lovers if the romantic/sexual nature of the relationship has been over for at least two months, and she feels both student and Dakini can progress in good faith.
  • Completion of the Student/Dakini Relationship. Services will only be offered when the Dakini believes they will benefit the student. Services will be considered complete when either the Dakini or the student determines services are no longer beneficial.

Pledge of Self-Care 

  • Regular Practice. The Dakini will maintain her spiritual, psychic, and physical health with regular self-care practices in order to provide the highest quality of service. Sabbath hours and regular personal/family time will be observed to prevent Dakini burn-out.
  • Honesty about Impairments. The Dakini will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (except prescription medications that will not negatively impair services) at the time of service, nor will she provide service if she has reason to suspect the student is under the influence of the same. Similarly, the dakini will not provide service while impaired by physical, mental, or emotional illness.
  • Competency. The Dakini will maintain her competency to provide Tantra service and participate in continuing education opportunities in a continuous effort to expand and perfect her skill set.


  • Advocacy. Advocating for Tantra to the public-at-large will make up a joyful portion of the Dakini’s practice.
  • Integrity. Other schools and providers of Tantra will be respected by the Dakini, and any words of criticism will be offered dispassionately, after careful consideration, and supported by facts.
  • Community. Every reasonable effort will be made by the Dakini to foster community among providers of Tantra education and service so that the teachings of Tantra can be spread with goodwill and in good faith.