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Tantra Educator in Grand Junction, CO

My passion is helping you step into Who You Really are, so you can live your best life, so you can love and be loved more deeply than you ever dreamed possible. Who am I? I am the Dakini.

Sat nam! I’m Dakini Leah

First, my credentials. B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kentucky in 1998. Certified Tantra Educator from the Ohonu School of Tantra in 2015. Certified Meditation Teacher in 2023.

Next, my history. Since 2013 I’ve helped over a thousand couples and individuals use Tantra for healing, intimacy and self-development.

Finally, my passion. Do you know what sat nam means? It’s Sanskrit for I honor the authentic expression of you.

I’m here for the real you. I care about you and Who You Really Are. I know Tantra can help you love and be loved more deeply than you could ever imagine. It’s my life’s calling to share these life-changing teachings with you.

Want to know how it all started? I’ll tell you.

How Tantra Changed My Life

In 2011, I hit a ceiling in my marriage.


My husband and I were having reasonably enjoyable sex and we loved each other. But something was still missing.


I picked up a book on Tantra by John Maxwell Taylor called Eros Ascending. It was an academic tome with promises of fulfilling intimacy, and my hunger galloped like a wild horse. I knew I wanted this material, but the material was difficult for me to decipher. So, after a little digging for his phone number, I called the author. He picked up the other end. I couldn’t believe I was talking with John Maxwell Taylor! My heart pounded.

The Moment I Knew

 “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say in your book,” I blurted. “But I know I’ve been hungry for it my whole life.”


“Well, then I’ll show you what I mean,” he answered, and he went into a meditation with me over the phone. I could feel his warm love pouring over me–this incredibly intimate connection that gives me chills as I write about it over a decade later. It was exactly what I was looking for. 


Taylor put me in touch with the Dakini he’d interviewed for the book, the pioneering Mare Simone, and she connected me with Certified Tantra Educators Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz. They lived in Boulder–just a four hour drive away! I booked a private session for my husband and me. Little did I know I would never be the same.

In Tantra, there is no sin, no good and evil–everything pleasurable is useful for spiritual growth when practiced with no self-judgment, full self-awareness, and without injuring anyone.

Tantra Had a Big Surprise for Me

Tantra, I was to discover, blended sex energy with spiritual practice for a beautiful connection not just with a human soul, but with God’s! I drank deeply from the practice, like a parched person lost in the desert. References to Hindu deities, incense, sarongs, and ritual made it all the more mysterious and appealing to me.

In Tantra, there is no sin, no good and evil–everything pleasurable is useful for spiritual growth when practiced with no self-judgment, full self-awareness, and without injuring anyone.

I gobbled Tantra in giant mouthfuls, like a starving person, reading everything I could get my hands on. I decided to train as a Tantra Educator with Source School in Santa Cruz, and on the recommendation of Dawn Beck, I was awarded a full scholarship. I was on my way to becoming a Dakini! 


Training was a disaster

The Certified Tantra Educator Level 1 program was ten days long. I was excited to learn the skills I would need to help couples find the intimacy and connection I’d always wished I had.

Unfortunately, that’s not what we were learning.

We paired up with a different partner for each practice session of yoni and lingam worship (Tantric massage with genital stimulation for the purpose of sexual healing). After three days of that, I felt I had a grip on the practice (ha ha) and wanted more energy exchange practices, like I had experienced with John Maxwell Taylor.

The head of school had little sympathy that I didn’t want to touch anyone’s else’s genitals or have my genitals touched anymore. If I didn’t submit to the practice sessions, I couldn’t get my certification. Meanwhile, he wouldn’t teach me any meditations, and didn’t seem to understand what I wanted to learn.

I withdrew from the course, and since I was stuck there for a week, volunteered in the kitchen, where the chef was, unbeknownst to me, a Tantra master!


Chef Charlie taught me the energy exchange I’d come to learn through the art of cooking. We put love and prayers into every meal we cooked together. Every interaction with me he took as his personal mission to respect me, see my soul, look me in the eye, and engage my heart. He referred to me as “Goddess.” One night, Chef Charlie baked a delicate five layer cake that required special tools to cut it. He could’ve simply cut it himself, but as was his fashion, he wanted loving energy to go into the cake. “Please, Goddess, would you come here?” he asked me. Chef Charlie aligned his body behind mine, letting me feel his groundedness into the earth with his energy. His heart was wide open, playful yet focused.  Putting my arms over his arms, he guided my hands with the electric knife and spatula while together, with great love, we plated each piece of delicate cake into perfect slices, with Divine love as the invisible and unmistakable ingredient. 


That moment changed me. It was undeniably sensuous, but not in the way that leads two people to have sex. The loving act of cake-cutting was complete in and of itself. There was no flirting or nudity or anything sexual, but it was certainly making love. I was awestruck. 



Long Journey to Dakini

Dakini /duh-KEE-nee/ – Tantric priestess trained in the arts of sacred sexual energy for healing, intimacy, and self-development. 

My husband didn’t like Tantra. In fact, our marriage did not survive my journey into becoming a Dakini.

Tantra was so beautiful and life-changing for me, there was no going back. I continued to study every book I could get my hands on. I offered my teachings to couples and individuals with astounding results. As I worked, I developed my own techniques and rituals based on the needs of my clients, stepping into the role of Dakini.

After an extensive, years-long search for a reputable school of Tantra I found Carla Tara’s Ohonu School of Tantra, and she worked with me one-on-one to affirm my knowledge and grant me certification.

I was one of her last students before she retired.


I could now officially use the title Dakini!


Tantra taught me god’s greatest Secret

Tantra makes God’s greatest secret common knowledge through first-hand experience:

The Divine loves us unconditionally.

Think about that word, unconditional. We throw it around, but in every private session I’ve ever been in, the unconditional Love comes rushing through me for my client–a sense that every tear has a name, that there is nothing but admiration for how challenging it is to be a human. There’s no forgiveness in that kind of Love, because there is no sin. 


Furthermore, Tantra has taught me to redefine my sexual energy as the sacred life force essential for a satisfying, fulfilling life. 


My mission now is to help all seekers redefine what sexual energy really is–the sacred pathway to unconditional love. When you understand that for yourself, you can give and receive love more than you ever dreamed possible. It’s. how Tantra can heal the World Soul one person at a time. Tantra is essential for every adult to live their best life. That’s a calling worth dedicating my life to. It’s my honor to serve.

I Want to

Work with


If my story resonates with you, if you feel ready to redefine your sexual energy as more than just for sex, if you’re ready to love and be loved more deeply than you could ever imagine, Tantra is calling you. Just the way it did me. I want to meet with you.

Let’s meet up for your complimentary 30-minute discovery session. Call, text or email me. Sat nam!