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the World’s only online Tantric Meditation Club

Tantric Meditation is Different

Use sacred sexual energy, movement, breathwork, sound, and imagery for a truly transformative meditation experience.

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Here’s what you’re getting into!
We’re the world’s ONLY online, interactive Tantric meditation community.

Welcome to the Club, beautiful soul! Your first month is my gift to you! Your membership includes eight live, interactive meditations every month ($50 value); a monthly Kick Ass Healing meditation ($10 value); and an exclusive, live webinar from a different healthy living professional every month ($50- $90) value). It all happens from our private Facebook group, so you will need an active Facebook profile to access the Club. Only $19.99/month. Your card is auto-billed every month. Cancel anytime. No refunds are available after the first paid 30 days of membership; your membership dues will have already supported the work of Living in Tantra. Sat nam, beautiful soul. Welcome to the Club! Welcome to your changed life! -Dakini Leah

tantra meditation tantric meditation
tantric meditation tantra meditation

Tantric Meditation

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Benefits of Tantric Meditation

Tantra isn’t about emptying your mind and sitting still. That’s nearly impossible for westerners. It’s a dynamic practice of breathwork, rich imagery, distribution of your sexual energy, sound and movement.

Living in Tantra

Drug-free Relief from Depression and Anxiety

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Redefining Your Sexuality as Your Life Force

Living in Tantra

Dramatically Improved Focus for Meeting Your Goals

Living in Tantra

Warm Community Support of Like-Minded People

living in tantra

Interactive Events Acknowledge YOU personally

living in tantra

Miraculous emotional and Physical Healing

How it Works

tantra meditation tantric meditation
Living in Tantra Meditation Club gold logo

1. Live, 20 minute meditations happen every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am MTN! You’ll receive a notification link on your phone 30 minutes before we start.


2. Click the link. You’ll see me pop up live!


3. Watch your life change with this powerful practice!


    Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am MTN

    • A staggering variety of exclusive, live, interactive workshops from Tantra, healing arts, and healthy lifestyle practitioners from around the world.


    • Each workshop is interactive. No sitting on your tush! Practitioners will answer YOUR questions and apply their material specifically to you.


    • Nearly $1000 worth of powerful workshops, all included with your membership! A new workshop every month!

    Bonus content included in membership!

    Miraculous Healing Ceremony!

    tantra meditation tantric meditation

    The most powerful healing meditation is one where we don’t heal anyone. With special Tantric techniques, you’ll envision your loved one perfectly well. Incredible healing results! Tom avoided having his leg amputated. Larry’s doctor affirmed he was miracuously free of cancer. Rebecca felt her spine move back into alignment and has not needed surgery. Jen was out of bed in three days when her doctor said she would be down for six weeks. This meditation is POWERFUL and alone is worth joining the club! 


      Every last Saturday at 8 am mtn

      Fantastic. Orgasmically blissful meditation today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      Lisa Rizzoli

      Reno, NV

      I went from a satisfied single to happily almost married person. Working with your meditation sessions and you has a lot to do with realizing what I wanted and being focused on finding it in my life.

      Drew Bell

      Denver, CO

      Thank you for witnessing my growth! These meditations have been such a blessing.

      Julie Mahoney Thomas

      Boulder, CO

      Wow, what an intense meditation session this morning with Living In Tantra Meditation Club! 

      I cried and released some things I didn’t realize I was holding onto. I time traveled and held a little me that felt lonely, much as I am feeling today. But we are never alone. This was clear to me today more so than it usually is.

      Phoenix Demestra

      Ann Arbor, MI

      What is the LIT Meditation Club?

      Meditate in the comfort of your home! No pre-recorded meditations! Everything is live and interactive. The Living in Tantra Meditation Club is the only online, interactive Tantric community in the world. Many people begin a meditation practice but, without support, they don’t stick with it. They can’t seem to empty their minds. They can’t sit up comfortably without back pain. They get bored of listening to the same pre-recorded exercises. The LIT Meditation Club addresses all those problems by using your sacred sexual energy, visualization, and dynamic breath techniques to keep you engaged. You can feel the shifts in your body for healing, achieving your dreams, and living your life as the Authentic You.

      What if I can't join live?

      You can enjoy the replay whenever you like! Comment just as you would live, and Dakini Leah will respond to you. You’ll find Tantra knows no time or space, and whenever you watch, you’ll find like you’re meditating with us live.

      How can I use sexual energy to meditate?

      Your sexual energy is your life force stored in your first chakra. In Tantra we use breathwork and imagery riase sacred sexual energy, draw it inward, and heal emotional pain, remove mental blocks to achieving your dreams, and help you live your best life as your Authentic Self. There is no nudity.

      Where do I watch the meditations?

      Our private Facebook group is where all the magic happens. Upon your registration, you’ll receive a link to join. You do need a Facebook account, but creating one is free. Although you will be able to see other members’ comments during broadcasts, members do not see each other. You will be able to see Dakini Leah and send her messages during the broadcasts.

      What else is included in my membership?

      In addition to eight, live and interactive Tantric meditations a month, you’ll receive exclusive access to a monthly healthy living webinar and a Kick Ass Healing Ceremony.  Altogether, the content is valued at over $1000 annually for just $19.99/month.