Couples Tantra
Becoming one with Beloved happens body, mind, and spirit

Tantra Basics for Beginners

Five private home sessions. Online sessions available. Nudity optional. In over twelve hours custom designed for your skill level and goals, learn all the Tantric basics for incredible intimacy, deeply satisfying sexuality, and spiritual connection. This course introduces the sacred temple ceremony, erotic energy meditations, the dynamics of unconditional love, seeing perfection, mindfulness, emotional healing, Tantric time travel, sex magic, full body orgasm, and advanced Tantric massage. Instruction is discreet and always respectful of your privacy. Candles, incense, mints, chocolates, roses and a keepsake print out of every session are included as my gifts to you! $200/session.

Tantric Massage Workshop for Couples

One 3-Hour home session. Online sessions available. Nudity optional. Learn to give and receive a worshipful, energy-rich, erotic Tantric massage.  Sex magic, lingam/yoni worship techniques, full body orgasm and ejaculatory choice skills included. Tantric massage is perfect for addressing low desire, fatigue, anxiety, depression, erectile issues, vaginal dryness and stress-induced ailments; it puts your Beloved into a deep state of meditation and nourishing, erotic tranquility. Candles, incense, mints, chocolates, roses, and a keepsake print-out of the massage passes are included as my gifts to you! $300.

NOTE: Due to COVID19 restrictions, all seekers of in-person sessions must be symptom-free and have practiced social distancing for two weeks prior to session.