Tantra answers the most important questions we ever ask ourselves

The vast majority of a human life is spent in toxic relationships, loneliness, and confusion, trying unearth the answers to two questions: Who am I ? What am I supposed to do with my life?  Tantra answers with a simple formula:  follow your desire with no self-judgment, in full self-awareness and without injuring anyone. Tantra takes desire very seriously; it is the lamp post where wisdom about Who We Are awaits us. Simple, but not so easy to implement! Let me be your guide as you discover how to apply this practice for a life changing journey into the authentic you.



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About Dakini Leah

Dakini Leah Kenyon is a Certified Tantra Educator through the Ahuna School of Tantra. Since 2013, she’s helped hundreds of couples and individiuals use their sexual energy for healing, intimacy, and self-development.

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