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4 Reasons You Need to Join a Men’s Group

EXCLUSIVE, LIVE, INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP! Being an active member of a men’s group is the secret sauce that can double or even triple your impact as a man, both personally and professionally. Yet the concept of a men’s group is widely misunderstood, and most men are missing this vital aspect to their success. Embodiment Guide and […]

Kick Ass Healing Meditation

This monthly kick ass healing is exactly what it says. We see amazing results! One member got to keep a leg doctors said would need to be amputated. Another felt her spine moving back into alignment and avoided surgery. Another was told she'd be on bed rest for a month and was able to get […]

Calling on Angels Tantric Meditation Series

Thursday, July 13, 2023 I had an angel keep me alive during a car wreck. He was large and burly, and he put himself between me and the steering wheel as a pick up truck going about 40 miles an hour smashed into my van. The impact could have killed me, but I walked away […]