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Welcome to Living in Tantra. I’m Dakini Leah. Your life is about to change.


Tantra is for

healing, intimacy, and self-development


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Living in Tantra Meditation Club

Tantric meditation uses the power of your sexual energy to make real, lasting changes in your life.

Tantric Counseling

While traditional therapy focuses on picking problems apart, Tantric counseling raises your sacred sexual energy–your life energy–to remind you of the Divine One you really are.

Leah has been a godsend. She helped me learn who I am.

Dirk Cooper, Montrose

Self-Development Client

I love the level of intimacy Dan and I were able to reach.

Dan & Sherrie Deering, Aspen

Intimacy Clients

I’m grieving the loss of my pet and dealing with some trauma from my childhood brought up in my present. There could be no better guide through these waters than Leah.

Amber Foster, Denver

Tantric Counseling Client