Sensual Woman Podcast – E1 – Definition of a Sensual Woman, Why it’s Important to be One, and What’s in the Way

with Tycee Belcastro, M.A., LMFT and Dakini Leah, Certified Tantric Sexuality Educator

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What is a sensual woman? Someone who says yes to sex and wild experiences? Someone who dresses provocatively, wears a lot of make up, and looks like a Barbie doll? We don’t think so!  Listen in while my good friend and colleague Tycee Belcastro and I have a conversation about the definition of a truly sensual woman, why it’s important to be one, and what’s in the way.

Definition of a Sensual Woman

A sensual woman is first, in touch with her five senses, delighting in what she can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. She knows who she is, what she likes and doesn’t like, and makes loving herself the number one priority. She’s in touch with her life force, imbuing what she does with love. She’s open to the mystery of beauty–however and whenever it appears. Sensual women are spontaneous, not impulsive. They have a yes that means yes, and a no that means no.  

While every sensual woman is sexy, not every sexy woman is sensual. Sexy women can wear provocative clothing and lots of make-up; they can seduce sexual partners, but that doesn’t mean they are doing it from a foundation of sensuality. Sensual women operate from their truth. Truth is erotic. A sensual woman claims and reclaims the parts of herself that have been lost or shut off.

8 Reasons Why it’s Important to Be One

  • It’s our birthright to be whole; our Creator made us to be whole
  • Removing what’s in the way of being a sensual woman frees us to be our authentic selves
  • A sensual woman is her best self so she can help others
  • Sensual women are aware of when they are overwhelmed, sad, angry, irritated, etc and in need of self-care so they doesn’t take it out on others or push themselves to burn out.
  • Sensual women attract healthy masculinity.
  • A sensual woman creates loving encounters for others. She makes it safe for people to be themselves around her.
  • Sensual women have healthy boundaries.
  • Finally, sensual women invite others to notice pleasurable experiences

What’s in the Way

As you struggle to become a sensual woman, did anyone ever tell you to “just love yourself?” It’s Tycee’s pet peeve! It’s too simplistic. Becoming a sensual woman is a lifestyle. It’s a choice you make every day, sometimes moment-by-moment. Becoming a sensual woman requires a set of therapeutic skills and a set of Tantric skills that go hand in hand: Therapy provide skills for exploring every nook and cranny of your psyche to root out trauma and reclaim areas you’ve shut off. Tantra provides skills for developing a healthy relationship to your body and your sexuality. 

Another very real obstacle to becoming a sensual women is that it can be terrifying to explore what’s in the way. That’s why the journey is best undertaken with guidance. Tycee and I provide that expert guidance.  We’ll be with you every step of the way so that no matter what comes up for you, you’ll never be alone.

Where Can I Learn More About Being a Sensual Woman?

If you’re in Colorado’s Grand Valley, book your spot now in the Sensual Woman Series! It’s a 12-week deep dive into therapeutic and Tantric skills for becoming a sensual woman. Sessions meet weekly on Monday nights at 6:30. This series allows you two experts at the same for a fraction of the cost of private session work. Plus, you’ll be in the loving company of sensual women in training just like you. Learn more here. 

You can also contact Tycee or me directly and book either one of us for private sessions. That’s living in Tantra. #beLIT

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