The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

What is Tantric Time Travel?

Tantric time travel is the powerful experience of going backward or forward on your own timeline in your psyche and imagination as you experience Tantric energy. Your body remains physically in the present. (Sorry, sci-fi fans!) Your focus, however, is consumed in a past or future event, creating a sensation of bilocation. 

Tantric time traveling is a term I coined when I noticed that clients reported feeling intense sensations associated with past trauma during Tantric massage. Unconditional love, sacred sexual energy, breathwork, imagery, and intention work together to uproot emotional pain stored in the body much more intensely than just talking can do. The sensation is like spiriting into the memory and walking around in it. While we can’t literally change the events of the past like in a sci-fi movie, we can change how we feel about them, and alchemize the pain into something that ultimately benefits us. Pain, fully exposed, is treated with the loving heat of the Tantric massage, where it melts away. The time traveler returns to the present with a freshness, no longer hampered by the sting of the trauma, and wiser.

The practice of sex magick, I observed, seemed to use the same Tantric time traveling dynamics, only travelers are focused on the future. Tantric elements of unconditional love, sacred sexual energy, breathwork, imagery, and intention work to propel the psyche to an imagined future much more intensely than just daydreaming can do. The emotion mixes with the sacred sexual energy humming through the body. Your flesh receives a taste of the future, enjoying the future flavors very much in the present. The time traveler returns to the present feeling hopeful, peaceful, and remarkably tuned to opportunities that can make that future a reality.

How Can Tantric Time Travel Help Me Create the Future?

Do you ever feel at the mercy of the uncomfortable present? If you feel chronically anxious, depressed, or just dissatisfied with the present circumstances of your life, Tantric time travel can help you alchemize the uncomfortable present into the mystery of something wonderful. As a Tantric time traveler, you’ll do far more than just envision a different future; you’ll really feel it humming though you, drawing a different set of circumstances into your awareness, reining the desired future into your present.

For example, I have been practicing time traveling to a future where my Tantric outreach is thriving. It feels vibrant and nourishing! Coming back to the present I’m tuned to new classes I want to teach, new people who can team up with me, and new ways to market what I do and more. It’s exciting!

Tantric time travel is different than some teachings on manifestation, which encourage you to envision what is desired in detail. My friend Kat says this is like visualizing what your kids will look like before they’re born. I find trying to envision too many details sabotages my time travel, leaving me thinking, “I can never have that,” or “But what if…” or just “I don’t know!!!” These doubts poison the emotion and pull me out of the future, back to the uncomfortable present. Leave the details to the mystery.

Why Should I Create My Future?

Creating your future gives you a sense of peace about something that usually feels out of your control. It’s an act of self-love. While most of us have figured out hard work and education result in a modicum of control over our lives, there are frustrating challenges most of us can’t control. Someone you love has a life-threatening illness. The relationship with your teenage son is on the rocks, and you’re clueless how to reach him. You’re facing excruciating financial decisions. A car accident totals your car and plunges your life into chaos. When life challenges seem to have no easy answers, when issues are on-going, Tantric time travel gives you some control, helping you create a different future.

How Can I Tantric Time Travel?

Tantric time travel is a meditation. happens with the magical elements of unconditional love, sacred sexual energy, breathwork, imagery, and intention. They come together in a powerful, dynamic meditation that evokes the emotion of the future, and circulates that emotion through your whole being.

  1. Sitting with a straight spine, place your attention on your sacred sex center. Breathe deeply until you can feel the sacred sexual energy awakening, effervescing, and sparkling.
  2. Draw the sacred sexual energy into your spine, up to your pineal gland, and into your third eye. This technique transduces melatonin into nitrous oxide, and eventually into DMT, taking your consciousness to your future.
  3. Imagine your desired future. Feel it. Secure. Safe. Loved. At peace. Well cared for.
  4. Draw that emotion back to your sacred center and let it ride your sacred sexual energy as it bathes your body.
  5. When you’re ready, gently come back to the present and notice the shift in how you feel. You might notice angels or spirit guides with you. You might notice how grateful your body is to be nourished with positive emotions and sacred sexual energy.

Stay alert for nudges, insights, impulses that are guiding you to the future you created.

The whole month of September, we’ll explore creating the future through Tantric time travel in the Living in Tantra Meditation Club. Yes, this is advanced meditation! Don’t worry. We’ll brush up all the techniques required. I’ll guide you at every step.

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