Thursday, July 13, 2023 I had an angel keep me alive during a car wreck. He was large and burly, and he put himself between me and the steering wheel as a pick up truck going about 40 miles an hour smashed into my van. The impact could have killed me, but I walked away with only soft tissue injuries. 

Since then, that angel has not left my side. He mostly hangs out toward my left, with his arm around my shoulder. I have learned to feel him watching over me, loving me, and even answering my questions when I need wisdom on a topic.

My angel’s name is Ishtarmiel. What a wonderful time I’m having getting to know him!

How do I know his name? It’s what I “heard” when I asked. I know it’s an unusual name. If you’re a word nut like I am, read this paragraph. Otherwise, skip to the next one. Doing a little research I discovered “Ishtar” was the name of the Mesopotamian goddess of love. “Miel” is a double play on words. It means “little Michael’ in reference to the archangel Michael, and “honey” in reference to the French word of the same spelling. Ishtarmiel, then, is my honey sweet, wise, loving, guardian. It couldn’t be more perfect.

While Istarmiel saved my life and is my constant companion, another angel visited about a week after the wreck, when the pain in my lower back really began to flare up. He had long, soothing fingers, and as he brushed my lower back he said, “Clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Be light. Let only thoughts of love fill your mind now.” I did, and watched, amazed, as the pain drained from my back. While other aches and pains came and went, the pain in my lower back never returned. He healed me.

Since meeting Ishtarmiel and the healer angel (whose name I couldn’t hear), I’ve picked up a book by Sonia Choquette called Ask Your Guides. I’m discovering Ishtarmiel is my personal guardian angel. The healer angel is one of nearly infinite guides and angels available to me–to any of us–any time we need guidance and help. 

While for most of us, angels are akin to the imaginary friends of childhood or unattainable vestiges of religion, the reality is angels are very real. They are willing to lend their guidance and wisdom, no matter how old we are, no matter who we are. Tantra is the perfect way to tune in, feel their presence, and–here’s the ringer–NOTICE when they’ve helped us.

In this post, I’ll explore the concept of angels, four ways Tantra will put you in your angel’s arms, and the impact they can have on your life.

What Are Angels, Exactly?

Before we go any further, let’s take a minute to define what angels are.

What comes to mind when you think about angels? Cute little naked cherubs with harps? Or maybe you think of the classical archangels like Michael and Raphael, with flowing robes, bodies the size of full-grown men, and powerful wings as large. Or maybe you think people doing good deeds are angels.

Coming away from childhood bedtime stories and moving into the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, angels have long been recognized as spirit beings who see to our individual needs. While various cultures and religious traditions portray angels differently, their core essence remains the same – benevolent guides of unconditional love.

While we think of angels as being spirits, I believe human beings who do good are angels. Whenever anyone does anything kind for me, I’m quick to thank them for being an angel to me. Sonia Choquette in her book Ask Your Guides purports that our guardian angels can take infinite human forms, too. So, for the record, I think it’s safe to assert angels are both pure spirit and the flesh-and-blood humans who act like angels.

Understanding Angels

Think for a moment about what you believe is true about angels. Perhaps you believe angels are only available in times of extreme need, like protection in a car wreck or to guide a soul into the afterlife. Or, maybe you believe angels are only for Catholics or some other religious affiliation. Maybe you don’t believe you’re worthy of angelic attention at all.

The truth is angels are available any time you call upon them, and because they are unconditionally loving, there is no religious or spiritual prerequisite for earning their attention. 

Angels are eager to help, and they will never ignore you or refuse to come to your aid.

Angels have areas of speciality. For example, the archangel Raphael focuses on healing, while archangel Michael is a mighty protector and expert in love. Other angels specialize in giving relationship advice, or career guidance, or imparting a great idea just when it’s needed. 

While most angels come and go depending on your need, your guardian angel is with you constantly and won’t ever leave you.

How to use Tantra to Connect with Angels

The essence of connecting with angels lies in believing three things:

  1. Angels are benevolent beings eager to support and guide you. 
  2. When you call on your angels, they always respond. 
  3. We feel and hear angels by tuning into their presence.

Believing those three things are true, we can use the Tantric practices of meditation, imagery, breathwork, and awareness to work with our angels and notice when they are helping us.


Many people associate meditation with the eastern practice of sitting still and clearing your mind. They can’t do it. Feeling like a failure at meditation can be a real distraction to connecting with your angels, as your focus becomes on can’t. Tantric meditation, with its use of imagery, movement, breathwork, sound, and sexual energy, is engaging enough to take even the beginner into a head space where introduction to your angels is pretty easy.


Using your senses in your “imagic-nation” you can see, hear, smell, and feel your angel. Yes, you use pretend, exactly the same way as you did when you were a child. What’s the difference between really encountering an angel and just making it up?

Good question. What IS the difference?

Research shows that what is imagined produces the same chemical signature in your brain as what is experienced. The ability to wield imagery, then, is a powerful tool in experiencing what is infinite in shape and ever-present. You create the framework, and Divine energy fills it in.

Your angel is with you, and if you haven’t yet developed your natural sixth sense (awareness of spirit), Tantra comes to your aid with powerful imagery. What would your guardian angel look like?  Male or female? Same size as you? Bigger? Smaller? Wings? No wings?

Sonia Choquette purports that guardian angels can take infinite forms, even manifesting as flesh-and-blood human beings. So whatever you imagine your guardian angel to be, your guardian angel is.

I see Ishtarmiel as a girthy man, with large, rippling arms that enfold me. When I imagine his protective, manly arms around me, I feel safe and loved. My body responds with goosebumps, relaxation, and quieted emotions. That’s a change in my vibration, which brings me to my next point.


Encounters with your angels always result in a change in your energy. You can feel it. The trick is to notice it. This is the Tantric principle of self-awareness. When you’ve had an angel encounter, you’ll feel calmer, more at peace, safer, more grounded, inspired, uplifted. When you notice, take a deep breath and enjoy. Sometimes, it’s hard to notice because it just feels natural to feel better. It can be easy to miss!


Once you have made a connection with your angels and really believe in their presence, it’s simple to call them back to you with the Tantric practice of a few complete breaths. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a few complete breaths and calling, “Angels! Angels! Angels!” first thing in the morning. They come.

Awareness of the Angelic Energy

If you can notice the change in your vibe when you’ve been with an angel, it’s not much of a stretch to reach out to their angelic energy, to hear their voice and trust what you sense. Whatever you hear in your heart, be it just a whisper or a gut feeling–trust that’s your angel speaking to you. Keep in mind they are gentle and won’t overwhelm you.

I receive “downloads” or message blocks I can interpret into English from my angels. Usually, these encounters will be followed up by some sort of physical affirmation, like the essence of what they’ve said will show up in conversation later or in a book I read. Or I’ll see a sign or some other synchronicity. These signs are usually very personal to me–things only I would understand–so they are unmistakably from the angels. I’ve learned to trust these messages and rarely second guess them anymore.

Hearing Your Angel’s Name

A lot of people ask how to hear the name of their guardian angel. In my experience, the angels aren’t very concerned with what you call them. Needing a name is human, and the angels understand this. Once you go into Tantric meditation and feel the presence of your guardian angel, ask for a name. The first that pops into your mind is your angel’s name.

Many times, the name you’ll hear is short, simple, and even funny.

If you don’t hear a name right away, keep trying. Or, just choose a name that matches the energy you feel.

Do I Need to be Wary of Dangerous Spirits?

Good question. The Bible and other religious texts speak of demons, or malevolent spirits whose motive is to misguide you or even harm you. Personally, I have not encountered outright demonic influences, and given what I know about how imagery creates a real experience, I can see how personifying fear would indeed create a demonic incident.

What I have experienced is my own anxiety, depression, or trauma “speaking” to me in the form of debilitating thoughts and beliefs. Self-awareness is crucial. My angel work is teaching me I can let go of these thoughts and trust the angels to help me shift to a better state of mind.

Not Necessarily Tantric Ways to Experience Angels

Signs and Synchronicities

Speaking of signs, have you ever found yourself looking at the clock right at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55?  I’ve noticed certain number sequences seem to follow me around, specifically 1221, 2112, and 212. It’s popular to interpret these number sequences as angels trying to get your attention, to let you know they are near and ready for you to call on them. When you see a sequence like this, have fun with it. Use the Tantric tools above to reach out for your angels and ask, “What do you want me to know right now?” Trust what you hear. 

Other signs can be so specific and so meaningful to you, it’s unmistakably a message, and you know exactly what it means. For example, robins were my grandfather’s favorite bird. I always seem to encounter a robin just when I need some extra love or when I am celebrating something. I feel like it’s Grandpa reminding me he is still near.

You might also encounter the same message from lots of different sources. For example, I asked my angels for help in creating new offerings for my students, and “couples retreat in Hawaii” popped into my head. The rest of the day I saw Hawaii references everywhere! There was Hawaiian coffee in my hotel room. A man sitting in a restaurant was wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt. I pulled up to a red light, and the car in front of me had Hawaiian plates. I went to a networking event, and one of the presenters greeted us in Hawaiian, saying she used to live in Hawaii. The signs were unmistakable and specific just for me. The angels are telling me, “Yes, lady! Hawaii!”

(Full disclaimer: I haven’t yet organized that couples retreat in Hawaii. While the angels have underscored it’s a good idea, it’s still up to me to make it happen!)

Angel Cards and Oracle Decks

You’ve seen them in metaphysical bookstores, and they can be uncanny in their relevance. These cards are imbued with angelic energy and can offer insightful guidance, uplifting affirmations, and comforting messages. I think of oracle cards like healthy little snacks for the spirit. You probably won’t receive a message that will change your life, but you will hear something beneficial.

Next Meditation Series – Calling on Angels

The next series in the Living in Tantra Meditation Club is all about connecting with your angels. We’ll call on your guardian angel, the archangels, earth spirits, the ministry of angels, and more in this 10-session series. If you haven’t yet, join the club now, and come get in the arms of your angels.


Dakini Leah is a Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Meditation Teacher, and psychology professional. Since 2013, she’s helped nearly 1,000 couples and individuals find healing, intimacy, and self-development with the power of Tantra.