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What Tantric manifesting is, and how to use it to make your dreams come true

Manifesting is the process of aligning your beliefs, your emotions, your intentions, and your actions to create what you want in your life. It usually takes the form of some sort of meditation or prayer, followed by an extraordinary series of events in which your dream unfolds. Tantric manifesting uses the same techniques, but begins by first leveraging your sexual energy to strengthen the whole process. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

A recent poll in the LIT Meditation Club found over 80% of respondents use manifesting techniques some or all of the time. It’s a hot topic. The self-help circuit is flooded with manifesting experts, and nearly every mainstream mover and shaker from Oprah Winfrey to Wayne Dyer has advice about manifesting. What seems like a simple process is actually delicate and sophisticated, with people who try it experiencing both alluring success and frustrating failure. If I’ve just described you, keep reading.

What is the Process of Manifesting?

Before we talk about the Tantra addition, let’s first look at how one goes about manifesting in the traditional way. Probably one of the earliest teachers of manifesting was Jesus, who said, “Ask, and you shall receive.” Dr. Joe Dispenza describes the process using science. Neville Goddard (shout out to Robo O’Donnel!) uses imagination to explain it. Mel Robbins recommends a disciplined, daily process. Abraham Hicks advises many things, but at the forefront, affirmations. (We’ll use all these techniques in meditation this month.) While each teacher uses different words and metaphors, under the surface, the teachings are pretty much the same:

  1. Envision what you desire
  2. Feel that you already have it
  3. Live your life as if your dream is reality

When you raise your sexual energy before intentional manifesting, your process becomes energized and even more powerful. It’s like shifting into four-wheel drive. More on that in a bit, but first let me describe basic manifesting in more detail, including what can trip you up.

My Manifesting Successes . . . and Failures

It seems simple enough, and sometimes it is. The smaller, mundane things I don’t really want seem to manifest so much more readily than the “big ticket” things I want SO BADLY. Take blue glass and feathers for example. Manifesting expert Abraham Hicks suggests learning the process by envisioning blue glass and feathers, and then noticing how they seem to pop up everywhere. It worked for me. Cobalt blue bottles in an art installation. Broken blue glass on the hiking trail. Glass bluebird figurine in a catalog. I saw enough feathers to outfit a whole bird, too.

When I first started manifesting purposefully, I began with blue glass. I saw it everywhere.

The relationship, the money, the career success–those things manifested as well, but in a flickering pattern, and they seemed to take much longer than I wanted. A lot longer. Why? I wondered. If I can see blue glass and feathers everywhere and I don’t really care about them, why in this infinite Universe where all possibilities exist, can’t I experience the things I truly want with more consistency?

Many people ask that question, and the answer for us all is the same: we are out of whack with one or more of four aspects of manifesting:

  • What we believe,
  • What we feel,
  • What we intend, and/or
  • The actions we take

Our beliefs, emotions, intentions, and actions must all agree with one another and broadcast the same message, at the same time, consistently. For blue glass and feathers, it’s easy to be in alignment. I believe they exist. I feel I will experience them. It’s my intention to see them. I’m willing to take action by glancing around to notice them, and celebrate the little surge of delight. I’m sending a consistent message to Source, and Source happily obliges me.

I’m nowhere near that alignment for a relationship. Do I fully believe that incredible relationship is possible? Part of me doubts. Do I feel that relationship, or am I mainly feeling the lack of it? Is it my intention to fully step into that relationship, or am I throwing up obstacles? What am I really doing to create that relationship, anyway?

You, too? Sigh. Like I said, delicate and sophisticated.

I believe manifesting is worth investing in, and so do members of our Club. Could there be any better time than right now, when people the world over are broadcasting to the Universe resolutions for their dreams to come true?

That’s why January in the LIT Meditation Club is dedicated to learning and refining your personal process for manifesting. Our Tantric meditations will combine your sexual energy energy and the most effective manifesting techniques, so you maximize the potential for your dreams coming true. I’m excited!

The Tantric Manifesting Edge

Tantric manifesting employs your sacred sexual energy. Before you can understand how that works, you first must toss aside everything our culture has taught you about what sexual energy is. It’s far more than the drive for intercourse. It’s more than the arousal you feel when that hottie winks at you. Sexual energy is zest to live life passionately and authentically. It’s the You-ness of You as a vibrant man or woman or non-binary in the world. Sexual energy is truth serum. When tapped consistently, sexual energy is a fountain of youth and wellness. It’s rocket fuel for living your best life. Most people if they have enough self-awareness notice sexual energy coursing through them when they are doing something they love. This is because sexual energy flows most freely along the most authentic expression of YOU.

Sexual energy is zest to live life passionately and authentically. When you are using manifesting techniques, sacred sexual energy is your best friend. 

dakini leah

When you are using manifesting techniques, sacred sexual energy is your best friend. 

How to use Sacred Sexual Energy for Manifesting

Members of the LIT Meditation Club are familiar with raising their sexual energy for meditation. We do it to begin every meditation. As you use Tantric meditation to draw your sexual energy through your body WHILE focusing on your dream, you’ll notice one of two things happening. Remember I said sexual energy is truth serum. If you are ready for that dream, if you truly believe it can come true for you, if you have no inner blocks to it, your sexual energy will intensify. If you don’t really want that dream, don’t really believe you can have it, or you have some emotional block, your sexual energy will tank.

It’s great information either way. If you’re willing to be honest with yourself, the tanked energy is an invitation to probe deeper into your beliefs, your emotions, your intentions, and your willingness to do what it takes to manifest that dream. Abraham Hicks calls that particular soul-searching “cleaning up your vibration.” 

What is Sex Magick?

I want to be clear we won’t be using sex magick in our Club meditations. But if you consider yourself a Tantrika, that is, a disciple of the Tantric lifestyle, you’ll want to know about sex magick.

Tantra’s tools for combining sexual techniques with spiritual practice are the perfect recipe for manifesting. While I was in training with my mentor, the marvelous Carla Tara, she told me she manifested a beach house with the practice I’m about to share with you. Personally, I have had success wishing blessings for my lover and our relationship with this practice.

Sex magick is pretty straightforward. But, before I tell you how it works, you must understand that making love is sacred and powerful. If you have dysfunctional religious programming, judgments, even wounding around sex that prevent you from totally surrendering to its sacred nature, sex magick may not work well for you.

(If this is you, it’s worth redefining what making love means to you, either in private session with me or your therapist.)

How to use Sex Magick

While you are making love, put your dream in the thrust (or whatever is your pleasure) and watch what happens to your energy. Remember sex energy runs most powerfully on the authentic expression of you. If you notice your pleasure becoming richer, deeper, and more orgasmic, you are ready for sex magick. 

Keep making love. Breathe the heightened, orgasmic energy up your spine to your third eye. Watch the light percolate and sparkle there. Now do this:

  • Circulate the building, energized sex energy with the microcosmic orbit breath OR focus the energy on your third eye or genitals with the charging breath (my favorite). If you don’t know either of these breaths, continue to breathe light into your third eye.
  • Let the sexual energy transport you to your dream where you can live it in technicolor. You’ll find this intensely erotic, perhaps even orgasmic. Release your breathwork and swim in the dream.
  • Now breathe deeply while saying thank you to Spirit. Once more, you’ll feel a surge as the energy intensifies with the gratitude. If you are a man, the gratitude phase is the perfect time to allow yourself to ejaculate. You may experience a full body orgasm at any time during the magick if you really surrender to your dream and your love for Beloved. Women may orgasm multiple times, in lots of different ways, throughout the ritual, and especially during the gratitude phase.
  • Finally, release the dream to Spirit and go about your life. You’ll be amazed as your dream unfolds in mysterious ways.

Something to prepare yourself for: Throughout the ritual you may notice your body spasming or getting goosebumps, or even writhing. You’ll likely need to shout out. Those are normal signs of your heightened, magickal state. If at any time you feel self-conscious while the sexual energy has a hold of you, your sexual energy will tank! So revel in your beauty, powerful man-god or goddess. Remember, your partner will likely be very turned on to see you this way. 

Do you need a partner for sex magick? No, you can perform it while self-cultivating, but I have found the love I have for my Beloved makes the ritual far more powerful.

The manifest your Dreams Tantric Meditation Series

Over the next eight Tantric meditations we’re going to look at the process of manifesting based on the teachings of manifesting’s most powerful advocates. We’ll also explore the most common stumbling blocks. Each meditation will take advantage of your sacred sexual energy to bring your dreams into reality. Here’s the series breakdown.

  1. Come into the presence of God and ask. (Neville Goddard)
  2. Feel your affirmations. (Abraham Hicks)
  3. Never waver in your feeling that the wanted thing is already yours. (Neville Goddard) How to grant all of your wishes | Neville Goddard Commentary (@ Japan Pizza Restaurant)
  4. Understand you are electromagnetic. (Joe Dispenza)
  5. Don’t want it too much. (Oprah Winfrey)Oprah Winfrey | How to Manifest Anything You Want ( Law Of Attraction)
  6. Leave it alone. (Cynthia Sue Larson).
  7. Take inspired action. (Mel Robbins)
  8. Notice when you are feeling out of whack and get back into alignment.

As always, each of the meditations is broadcast LIVE from the members-only private Facebook group. Ready to join us? If this manifesting calls to you, we want you in our Club. Click on the button below.

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I want you part of our Club. Join the world’s only online, interactive Tantric mediation community right now! Use code FREE30 to and get your first month FREE. -Dakini Leah