After helping helping hundreds of couples in private sessions, I asked Sacred Space Productions to help me organize one of the biggest events I’ve ever hosted: overnight Tantric massage retreats.

But they told me no.

“We’ve done the research, Leah, and sadly, people think Tantra is pornography. And orgies,” they told me. “You need educate them on what Tantra really is first.”

My stomach sank. The clients I work with know Tantra is decidedly NOT pornography and orgies. They know Tantra is the sacred work of bonding more deeply with their Beloved.  Healing emotional wounds. Tapping into their vibrancy for self-development. They know Tantric massage is private, powerful, beautiful, and the right of every committed couple.

Do YOU think Tantra is pornography and orgies? Or are you one of the few who understand the truth about this sacred work?

Would you dare to go on an overnight Tantric massage retreat with your Beloved?

As part of helping me educate the public about the truth of Tantra, Jen Jackson of Sacred Space Productions asked me some deep questions about Tantra in this interview.

The full interview is at the top of this page. Listen now and test your knowledge.

And if you think an overnight Tantric massage retreat is the sacred healing and bonding you and your partner need,  email me. Let’s make it happen.

Dakini Leah is a certified Tantra Educator, Certified Meditation Teacher, and psychology professional. Since 2013 she’s helped hundreds of couples and individuals use their sacred sexual energy for healing, intimacy, and self-development.