It’s communication. It’s intimacy. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s loving. The romantic kiss is a foundation of every loving, long-lasting relationship, so you’d better be skilled. In this live pop up class, I’ll teach you how to kiss with your soul just in time for Valentine’s Day. Watch individually, and delight your Beloved–current or future–with your new skills. No partner required.

You’ll learn:

  • Three different pressures to communicate the most sexy message of all: desire
  • The very first part of your bodies that should touch
  • Why touching lips is the last resort
  • What to do once lips have met! 
  • When to bring in your tongue (and when to leave it out!)

Bonus: In this free class I’ll show you how to use kissing in erotic meditation to bind your hearts and souls more deeply than ever.

Participants who book me for a private, online Tantra Basics for Beginners course–singles or couples–will receive their first session at half off. That’s a savings of $100.

Join me for my FREE live pop up class, and learn to kiss with soul, just in time for Valentine’s Day! No partner required.

Feb 11, 7 pm MDT Live on Facebook