Time travel is one of the most beloved and enduring themes of fiction. In Star Trek, Jean-Luc Picard time travels via an alien probe to a lost culture. In the classic story, A Christmas Carol, Ebeneezer Scrooge travels to both the past and future to save his soul. In the more modern movie, About Time, Tim learns the ability to time travel is a genetic gift passed from father to son for generations. My all time favorite, Dr. Who, is the saga of a timelord and his human companion who travel through time to rescue earth from malevolent aliens. The examples go on and on. 

The human soul is fascinated with the ability to travel into the past, clarify what really happened, and make amends. Or, to travel into the future and see how the harrowing story of humanity turns out.

What if you could really do it?

What if I told you you can?

What is Tantric Time Travel?

While physical time travel is beyond the scope of my training, I do lead clients through another, more healing, more revealing form of time travel. In Tantric time travel, I guide clients through an imagery-rich, sacred sexual meditation to an event in their past or the future. The event seems very real. They can see it, taste it, touch it, feel it, hear it in their imagination. They can talk to other people at the event and hear their responses. They can talk to younger or older versions of themselves, cry overdue tears, glean wisdom from their future self, and experience a profound sense of emotional healing. 

You can’t change events in Tantric time travel, but you can change the timbre of the event. You can drain it of pain and infuse it with grace. The result is a domino effect of grace, from the past or future to the present.

Some of you reading this will trip up on the word imagination, as if Tantric time travel isn’t real because it’s all in your head. The mystery Tantrikas have experienced for thousands of years, and what modern science is now revealing, is what the brain experiences in the imagination triggers the same chemical cocktail as what is experienced in 3D. In other words, the brain cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is happening earthside.

Further, what is imagined can have physical effects on your body. For example, your mouth may water when your partner tells you he’s cooking spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Your palms may sweat watching someone rock climb without gear. You might get a delightful shiver remembering an epic night of lovemaking. The brain accepts what it imagines as real. 

The more clearly and strongly you can imagine, the more profound the experience on your psyche and spirit. Tantrikas take advantage of the power of imagery to time travel.

Have You Time Traveled And Didn’t Know it?

I’ll bet you have! Anytime you’ve been caught up in a memory that seemed so real, or a fantasy you could almost taste–that’s time travel. What makes it Tantric is when you employ self-awareness to the experience, and then use it either for healing or manifestation. When you’re conscious about your time travel it takes on an alchemical quality, producing a positive change within you.

Unconscious time travel exists, too, and often with unpleasant repercussions. It’s called being stuck in a moment. Souls stuck in the past can’t forgive, or develop phobias, or otherwise just don’t grow. People stuck in the future are worried about something that hasn’t happened yet. Neither of those forms of time travel are Tantric.

How does Tantric time travel work?

Tantric time travel is life-changing. A conscious trip to the past can rescue your hurting inner child, heal an emotional wound, or right a wrong. A conscious trip to the future can give insight on what to do now to further in your career, where to head in a relationship, or how to prepare yourself for the big game. Tantric time travel to the future is a technique many successful athletes use to win the game or cross the finish line first.

In Meditation

Decide whether you need to travel to the past or the future, and what your goal for traveling is. Stilling yourself in a quiet room, put yourself in a Tantric trance. Use breathwork, movement and sound to draw up your sacred sexual energy and circulate it through your body. When you feel ready, call to mind either your memory or your fantasy. Use your five senses to firmly ground yourself in the imagery. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? Taste? Take your time and let yourself be there.

Now remember your goal. If you came to soothe your inner child, for example, pull him or her onto your lap and be the guardian angel to yourself. Give your inner child a voice. Let there be tears and wailing, if needed, but stay strong for your inner child. Promise him or her that you will always come when called.

If you came to envision what your relationship would look like if it were healthy, for example, see you and your partner loving each other. What would he or she need to say to you to woo you back? What are you doing to ask for what you need? What old habits need to be shed? Release your vision to the Universe, and gather up anything you need to do or say as you come back to the present.

In Session

Sometimes, Tantric time travel is just too intense to do on your own, or maybe you need more structure to focus. When clients tell me they are struggling with a painful childhood memory, or feel blocked when it comes to reaching a goal, I recommend Tantric time travel in session. 

We begin with a simple ceremony. The ceremony focuses the mind, calls in helpful spiritual influences, and firmly channels the powerful nature of sacred sexual energy. Then I guide the seeker into Tantric trance with specific instructions for breathwork, sound, movement, and imagery. As I take them into their desired event, either past or the future, they can fully relax into the scene while I guide with specific questions, encouragement, and comfort.

Coming back to the present, we’ll unpack the experience together, going over highlights and nuggets of revelation or wisdom. Whatever was experienced in the past or the future dominoes its way with grace into the present, and leaving the seeker refreshed, with new focus and energy.

Why Use Sacred Sexual Energy for Time Travel?

Sacred sexual energy is at the base of every Tantric meditation, including Tantric time travel. Why?

This question makes more sense when you know what sacred sexual energy is. Sacred sexual energy is your life force, the Youness of You, your zest for living your life. It’s the flow of the Divine channeling through you. 

Sacred sexual energy has an energizing, creative quality. It flows on a continuum: hot and bright during a love making experience; a throb of inspiration for a project; or a slow, broad wave of purpose. You may have heard the terms kundalini and shakti prana, which describe different intensities and flows of sacred sexual energy. The flow is always pleasurable and always in alignment with Who You Really Are. 

Your sacred sexual energy resides in your first chakra, and you can tap into it with breathwork, movement, sound, and imagery. Draw it inward for nourishment, healing, and inspiration. Send it outward for flirting, seduction, and making love.

Truth is an erotic experience – Margo Anand

Since sexual energy is a flow, you can ride it in meditation, which makes it perfect for Tantric time travel. Riding the flow helps concentrate your focus so the details–especially the emotion–of your event pop and sparkle and come to life. The flow circulates your event throughout your body, so you are feeling it in every cell of your body. The flow also helps bring you back to the powerful present moment, where you can experience the profound healing and insight gleaned from your travels. Who doesn’t want that?

Where Can I Be Guided for Tantric Time Travel?

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Dakini Leah has a BA in Psychology and is a Certified Tantra Educator through the Ohonu School of Tantra. She trained directly under Carla Tara, who is widely respected in Tantric circles for her expertise and ethics. An intuitive, Dakini Leah combines her training with Divine guidance to provide a personalized, highly effective therapeutic experience. Since 2013 she’s helped hundreds of couples and singles use the power of their sacred sexual energy for healing, intimacy and self-development. She facilitates the world’s only online Tantric meditation community with live, interactive broadcasts twice a week.