Last month in the Living In Tantra Meditation Club we used Tantric time travel to feel into a fantastic future. You traveled forward in time and felt the love, the financial abundance, the business success, the family and community connections, and placed those emotions on your circulating sexual energy to make them very real. 

What many of you discovered was this Tantra wasn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Obstacles of thought reared their heads. This could never happen to me. I’m not worthy of having that. Me, do that? Yeah, right. Fears and doubts are like a poison, sabotaging your meditation and ultimately your ability to fully attract your wanted future.

In Tantra, a phrase is often used, turning poison to nectar. It means taking something unwanted, blessing it, and pivoting the energy of it to your advantage. It means recognizing the poison is there to guide you into a purer vibration.

Now that you have a better idea of your fears and doubts as you envision your future, there are things you can do to turn that poison to nectar. 

Before you implement any of these suggestions, it’s helpful to first raise your sacred sexual energy. It’s easy to do. In its simplest form, you breathe into your pelvic floor and sense the radiance there. Envision the radiance filling your whole body with light. You’d be surprised how powerful that is. 

Try it right now. See how it changes how you feel?

Once your sexual energy is raised, try a few of these powerful actions for turning poison to nectar.

  • Create gratitude statements that claim your future as already here and yours
  • Lean into your gratitude statements, when fears and doubts come against your creation
  • Repeat your gratitude statements throughout the day, especially when exercising
  • Use Archangel Michael to spirit away your fears & doubts
  • Find a partner to believe in your future with you
  • Immerse yourself in others’ success stories and affirm the same can happen for you
  • Take action steps toward your creation
  • Use the Ganesha mantra

Let’s look at each of these powerful skills in more depth.

1. Create Gratitude Statements that Claim your Future as Here and Yours

Your words are like magic spells. When you state, out loud, you are grateful for a future you have felt and circulated on your sexual energy, you are drawing that future into the present with electromagnetic energy. Never underestimate the power of feeling grateful and saying so out loud.

May McCarthy, author and multi millionaire business woman, is the queen of creating gratitude statements. She declares her wanted future as a reality as part of her morning routine. Her book, The Path to Wealth, has an entire section of affirmations for increasing business success, experiencing more love, letting the past go, feeling healthy, etc. I added “Thank you” to the front of them all so I can state them directly to Source. Here are some of my favorites:

Thank You that just as everything in universal power is harmonious and perfect, everything in my relationships is harmonious and perfect. All are happy.

Thank You that all who are related to my business benefit from it. All that is for the highest and best good of me and my business manifests without delay, with grace, and in perfect ways.

Thank You that every cell of my body is filled with universal healing light. I am happier, healthier, and wealthier every moment of every day.

Contrast those statements to the negative energy created by your fear and doubt. Pretty big difference! Find the statements that make you tingle. You should feel like saying, “Oooooo!” when you declare them.

A word of caution: if you say your statement, but don’t really believe it, you haven’t found the right affirmation for you. Keep crafting until you can affirm beyond all doubt the truth of it for yourself. Remember it has to be powerful enough to alchemize poison to nectar. Too unbelievable, and your poison ain’t going nowhere.

2. Lean into Your Gratitude Statements, When Fear and Doubt Come Against Your Creation

These gratitude statements can be especially powerful alchemy against poisonous obstacles of thought. Lean into them and circulate them on your sacred sexual energy when doubts and fears arise. 

Florence Scoville Shinn wrote, “Fear is faith in evil,” and I agree with her. That’s why it’s important to confront fear and doubt, not just sweep them under the rug and pretend you don’t experience them. They are your notifications that it’s time to raise your sacred sexual energy, and drink deeply of the nectar of your gratitude statements.

3. Repeat Your Gratitude Statements Throughout the Day, Especially When Exercising

Take your gratitude statements with you as you come out of meditation and go about your day. Say them to yourself during the mundane tasks of eating a meal, working on a report, picking up the kids from school, doing house chores. 

It’s especially powerful to repeat your gratitude statements to yourself while you’re exercising. 

One of the main tenets of Tantra is movement. As you move your body, you naturally circulate your life energy. The circulating energy touches every cell of your being. When you place your gratitude statements into your exercise you are powering up your body’s experience of them.

Try it now. Go for a walk around the block while you savor your gratitude statement. Notice how the energy finds its way into your muscles and uplifts you.

4. Use Archangel Michael to Take Away your Fears and Doubts 

If you were with us this summer for our series Calling on Angels, you met the Archangel Michael and experienced his power to remove negative energy from you.

The Archangel Michael is said to have empty orbs you can fill with all of your fears and doubts. To fill the orbs, you use the Tantric tools of breath and imagination. Envision yourself blowing into the orb any negative thoughts, or fears that are coming against your creation. Blow until you feel as if you have emptied yourself of the negative energy. Watch in your mind’s eye as the Archangel Michael seals the orb and then launches it into outer space. 

A client of mine was using this technique and imagined the orb becoming so big it filled her field of vision, even filling up her room. The Archangel Michael then grew in stature and became like a giant so that he could pick up this orb and hold it in the palm of his hand. She watched in her mind’s eye the Archangel Michael launch this orb into the atmosphere where its contents became one with the ozone layer. Her fears and doubts are now helping to protect the earth. Talk about turning poison into nectar!

You can do the same. Here’s how you call on the Archangel Michael. 

  1. Tap into your sacred sexual energy by closing your eyes and breathing into your pelvic floor. Feel the energy sparkling and radiating and filling your body.
  2. Call on the Archangel Michael by chanting his name. He always comes when he is called. Sense where he is. Many people feel him standing behind their right shoulder.
  3. Imagine him offering you one of his orbs. Below your negative energy into his orb. It is tough enough to overstuff! 
  4. When you have released all of your fear and doubt, watch with delight as Archangel Michael launches the orb into the atmosphere. Be sure to thank him. Gratitude is what makes the release seem real. 
  5. Now lean into your gratitude statements with fervor and feel the shift in your energy. Circulate it on your sacred sexual energy.
  6. The Archangel Michael will stay with you through the day in case your unconscious habits of thought try to bring your fears and doubts back up. Know that he has orbs at the ready for you. You may need to release a few times before all the fear and doubt are gone.

Notice how this practice makes you feel. Many people report feeling lighter, clearer focused, and empowered. They love knowing they are not alone with a powerful spiritual being at their side.

5. Find a Partner to Believe in Your Future with You

There is real power in teaming up with someone who loves you and believes in you. The Bible says, “Whenever two or more agree on anything it will be given them,” Matthew 18: 9. Your partner is free of fear and doubt about your future and can envision it for you purely. Likewise, you can do the same for your partner. When you two go into meditation together you can hold the vision of one another’s future. It feels delightful to see someone you love in your mind’s eye experiencing their dreams come true.

For the month of October, members of the meditation Club will be partnered and encouraged to find times two or three times a week to go into meditation together and envision each other’s future. If you need a partner, now is the time to join the meditation club! 

6. Immerse Yourself in Others’ Success Stories and Affirm the Same Can Happen for You

Author and successful businesswoman May McCarthy recommends reading about success stories for ten minutes every morning before you start your day. She notes this is a habit most successful people adopt, notably Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs. The practice helps you believe that if Source did it for others, Source will do it for you, too.

This is especially useful if hearing about the successes of others makes you feel jealous. Notice the poison of jealousy and turn it to nectar by saying to yourself, if Universe can do it for them, Universe can do it for me, too. Watch as the jealousy alchemizes into hope and excitement.

Try it right now. Think about someone you have a liiiiiiiitle bit of jealousy toward. Your sister who married her dream man while you’re single. (Still. Single.) Or, that dickhead neighbor who just put his brand new marvelous camper between you and your bedroom view of the sky. That guy. Now say to yourself, “If God can bless them with what they want, God will bless me, too.” You’d better believe it.

7. Take Action Steps Toward Your Creation

Fear and doubt have a harder time taking hold when you are taking actionable steps toward bringing your future into the now. As you feel your future in meditation and affirm it to yourself with your gratitude statements, you can ask for inspiration for action steps. Write them down as a to-do list. Check them off as you accomplish them. Each time you check the box, you get a little hit of oxytocin, the love hormone. This is why it just feels good to tackle a to-do list.

The action steps don’t have to be anything big. Remember that small steps taken every day create huge results in time.

8. Use the Ganesha Mantra

Since the beginning of recorded history, human beings have been at the business of wishing fear, doubt, and obstacles would just go away. The Ganesha mantra arose from this desire. It is a chant repeated 108 times to the Hindu archetype of Ganesh. 

You have seen Ganesh as the elephant headed God with a human body. Ganesha is said to have a destructive force that clears the way so your dream can unfold with success. Think of it as the demolition that must occur before you can build a new house.

While many of my Christian followers may have difficulty with the idea of praying to another god, I think of the Ganesha mantra as simply aligning myself with that characteristic of the infinite God who knows how to clear the way. Intentional mantra can become a powerful tool turning the poison of your fear and doubts into the nectar of clarity and peace.

The chant is meant to create a vibration through your nose and into your third eye. It’s kind of like a massage for your brain. It just feels good.

The mantra is Ohm gam gana patayaye namaha. Roughly translated, it means, Hello, Sacred Destructive aspect of God. Knock ‘em down and clear the way to my success, please.

If you have a mala, or Hindu prayer bead necklace, it’s helpful for counting the chants. If you don’t, here’s a link to Deva Premal chanting the Ganesha Mantra 108 times. Her version is beautiful.

Here is how you chant the Ganesha mantra using a mala:

  1. Locate the large bead at the bottom of your mala. This is the “stop sign” bead. You’ll reach it when you’ve gone all the way around the mala.
  2. Start on the first small bead after the large one. Hold it between your fingers and chant, Ohm gam gana patayaye namaha. Focus on the “ohm” sound, letting it vibrate through your nose and skull. Then progress to the next bead and chant the mantra again.
  3. Continue chanting until you have touched all 108 beads. It will take about 8 minutes or so. Let your thoughts settle down and just observe your chanting. Once you hit the large bead, sit quietly in silence for a few moments, thanking Ganesha for blessing you.

Notice how you feel after your chanting. Has your poison turned to nectar? Do you feel calmer and at peace?

If you’re not a member of the Living in Tantra Meditation Club yet, October is the perfect time to join us. Your first thirty days are my gift to you. You’ll experience each of these powerful practices, all while intensified by your beautiful sacred sexual energy. Come and explore. You can turn the poison of fear and doubt into the nectar of peace and power. See you in Club!


Dakini Leah is a Certified Tantra Educator and Certified Meditation Teacher, and psychology professional. Since 2013 she’s helped over 1,000 couples and singles use Tantra for healing, intimacy and personal development.  She facilitates the world’s only online Tantric meditation community. Join now and get 30 days free.