How One Tantric Teaching Instantly Transformed My Mood

[Note; This blog was originally posted March 10, 2014 on my old website. It was written during the 2014 economic downturn, when my then-husband and I lost our car rental business.]

The lifestyle we are used to has been shrinking like the proverbial wiener in a cold shower. We just can’t catch up with our money during this recession; it sprouted wings and flew off. We’ve sold almost everything we can sell, including our beloved camper. God, I HATED seeing that go! We’ve slashed our budget to mortgage, groceries, and gas and the occasional trip to Taco Bell to keep from going fucking insane. We’re one disaster away from loosing completely everything.

One definition of Tantra calls it the the art of turning poison to nectar. When I asked this morning how to turn this poison to nectar, Myself said, Leah your fear is rooted in a future event that hasn’t happened yet. The nectar is to feel the wealth of today.

Sigh, That’s one of these easier-said-than-done things, but I’ll give it try. This is the truth of my today: Warm covers on my soft bed. The awe of watching Venus rise at dawn. Reveling in a glorious sunrise. A healthy body, breathing fresh air as I run the Tabegauche trail. Good shoes on my feet and warm running clothes. Feeling the warm sun on my body as I type this. A hot cup of tea in my hand. A computer with internet access. Full bellies and clean clothes. A school I adore and believe in for my munchkins. An imagination in perfect working order, fantasizing about Publisher’s Clearing House knocking on my door with a $10 million super prize and a long beach vacation. YouTube with thousands of free inspirational videos from Abraham-hicks and Bashar and Ellen Degeneres. A bookshelf brimming with my favorite subjects: Tantra, philosophy, metaphysics, poetry. Friends who love me. A furry dog body under my desk. An active meditational life, gushing with wisdom, laughter, and fun. What wondrous things. All here in this rich, incredible moment. Today.

Our finances haven’t changed since I began this meditation. But, now I see money is just one part of my wealth. And that’s the nectar. I’m going to fly with that! Wealth of Today, you rich and beautiful bird, let’s hit the sky together.