Tantric meditation unlocks the secrets each of your chakras is waiting to tell you.

Do you ever feel like you’re a bundle of swirling thoughts and emotions? That swirl is not just in your head, but in your whole body. Tantra recognizes the body’s seven main energy centers, or chakras, are sentient and have something to say. But, you have to know how to listen. In this 7-part series you’ll use Tantric meditation to open your ears and listen deeply to the surprising messages each of your swirling chakras has for you.

You’ll need a journal or voice memo to get the most out of this series. Plan to spend 15-20 minutes journaling after each session. You must also have a Facebook account as each broadcast takes place from the Living in Tantra Meditation Club private Facebook group.

This series is based on Margot Anand’s book The Art of Every Day Ecstasy.

The Living in Tantra Meditation Club is the only online, interactive Tantric community in the world. Many people begin a meditation practice but, without support, they don’t stick with it. The LIT Meditation Club teaches you to use your sacred sexual energy, visualization, and dynamic breath techniques to keep yourself engaged. You can feel the shifts in your body for healing, achieving your dreams, and living your life as the Authentic You.