“Nobody’s perfect,” goes the old saying, but what if I told you, yes, you are? What do you think that means?

The Tantric concept of perfection comes from the recognition that you are a human manifestation of Divine Source Energy. In other words, if God wanted to know what it would be like to walk the earth as you, well, here You are. Therefore, your human journey as Spirit is perfect just as Source is perfect.

But what does it really mean to KNOW you are perfect?

It means recognizing all of your processes are in perfectly good working order. Your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, desires are all worthy to be taken seriously. You’re perfectly able to expand into Who You Really Are, to leverage your painful past and redeem it, to look around at the contrast of life and decide Who You Want to Be in the face of it.

It also means that You are perfectly You. Just as a pear isn’t a plate of spaghetti or a can of motor oil, you are no one else but Who You Are. And what a precious YOU you are! No one can channel Source energy in exactly the same way you do. Because of that you are priceless, one of a kind, precious. The tapestry of all humankind is incomplete without you. 

Oceans embrace a continent.
Space welcomes the sun.
Embrace yourself this generously.

Form your arms into a circle
And cherish the arising of serenity.

Attend the birth of of something new.
Thoughts dissolve into peace,
As you become the One who embraces All

Vijanan Bhairava Tantra, Sutra 56
(translated by Lorn Roche)

The Tantric concept of perfection recognizes that you are deeply, fully, completely, absolutely LOVED just as you are, with no need to change anything about yourself. There is no way you can make Source love you any more or any less, because you are already loved with all the love Source can possibly offer–infinite love. Deepak Chopra echos this idea when he says, “God’s love for you is limited only by your ability to receive it.” Accepting your perfection, then, allows you to wake up to the incredible stream of unconditional love coming your way.

There is no forgiveness in this kind of love, because there is no sin. You are seen, adored, admired, and respected in this kind of love. You’re perfect.

If your brain is freaking out right now with, “Hell no, I’m not perfect!” I get it. Every day, in countless ways, culture sends us a very different message: your hips are too wide and you need to lose weight to be more lovable. Your car is too old. Your house is too small. Your teeth aren’t straight enough. You don’t smell good. You’re not in shape. You’re not wearing the right clothes, or pursuing the right career, or traveled enough or educated enough or spiritual enough or smart enough. You’re flawed, and until you fix that, you’re not really all that lovable. Does that feel familiar to your brain?

But the truth is, the process of you is perfect. Expand and grow because you want to. Because it feels good. Because not doing so is painful. But if you can, recognize that right here, right now, in your crazy swirl of life, you are absolutely perfect, just as you are.

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Dakini Leah is a Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Meditation Teacher, and psychology professional. Since 2013 she’s helped hundreds of couples and individuals step into Who They Really Are with the power of Tantra.