As we enter into the dark days of the year, many people experience more intense feelings of the blues. It’s called Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), and even though science explains it’s caused by something as temporary as lack of sunlight, this disorienting darkness can seem like it’s always been there.

SAD can contribute to deeper feelings of depression, self-doubt, and low self-worth. Many people don’t find the holidays jolly at all; it reminds them of failed relationships, of loved ones passed on, of financial difficulties, or beloved traditions that can’t happen anymore, and despite all the twinkling, blinking lights, SAD makes it all seem darker.

In previous series in the L.I.T Just As You Are Meditation Club, we learned the basics about erotic meditation and the deep love that can be felt at the soul level using nothing more than breath and imagery. We learned erotic meditation invites you to rethink your sexuality as a power that can heal you.

No other meditation technique works quite like this. In the Love on the Dark Side series, we take it even deeper.

As with any love affair, the tendency is to bury the darkest part of ourselves out of fear the love might quit coming if the real truth were revealed. Over the next four weeks, we’re taking erotic meditation even deeper to wash the darkest parts of ourselves in Divine love–just in time for the darkest part of the year.

Have you ever had the experience of the darkest part of you seen and loved? If you have, then I don’t have to tell you, there’s a marvelous freedom in it, a relief from no longer having to hide–and not from the Divine, from ourselves. The gift in accepting our own darkness is the ability to accept it in others. And wow, the connection that brings.

Let the dark side of the seasons be different for you this year. Over the next month we’ll be gently and steadily shining Divine light on our deepest inner darkness for a depth of peace you deserve. Join us.