discover what makes Tantric Meditation so powerful

Hello, Beautiful Soul. I’m Dakini Leah. Daily Tantric meditation saves me. Tantra is different from other forms of meditation because it uses the power of your sexual energy to balance, ground, and heal you. 

I created this club for people just like you, who are ready for meditation to finally to uncover their true selves, who want a live guide to listen, challenge and witness their growth; who want to be in a community of like-minded souls. Are you ready to redefine the true power of your sexual energy? 


In Tantra we use sexual energy to revitalize the spirit and heal emotional wounds 


Tantric meditation turns your sexual energy into blessings that will manifest through your day.


Channel your sexual energy into improved focus on your goals.


In this series, you’ll learn a fool-proof meditation ceremony to calm your mind quickly, stay in trance longer, and hear clearly the wisdom Spirit is longing for you to know.


Also included:

• Learn powerful Tantric meditations techniques that affect real changes in your mind and body  

• LIVE Tantric meditations broadcast from our private Facebook group each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am MDT. You’ll receive an alert 30 minutes before, and you’ll be greeted by name each time you join us. Can’t make the live broadcast? No worries. Catch the replay whenever you like.

• Watch the broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

• Going through a tough time? No matter where you are, we’ll come alongside you with powerful prayers and support.

• Meet other Tantra providers and explore their online classes and workshops.

• Your first 30 days are free, so come try it out.

If you continue with me after 30 days it’s only $19.99/month. The cost of lunch!  
All international currencies are accepted. You can cancel at any time.


Dirk, Montrose, CO

“Leah has been a godsend. She helped me learn who I am.”

Robert, British Colombia, Canada

“[Dakini Leah] you are a true lightworker. Your meditations are sincere and from the heart. I can feel you all the way from Colorado.”

Lissa, Grand Junction, CO

"Your Tantra skills instruction feels thrilling and edgy in a really great way--like a sweet step beyond my comfort zone, therefore, growth." 

Drew, Grand Junction, CO

I'm grateful for your validation of the sexual energy as beautiful, not the subject of shame, but of power. Your morning meditations have meant a lot in setting a new rhythm for my days."

Sher and Dan, Aspen

"At first, it was lovely to feel what was stuck in my chest, being able to receive loving support. You really created a space that was safe to feel love, grace, trust, worthiness, and a release of grief. You were very respectful with your ways and knowledge. I love the level of intimacy Dan and I were able to reach." - Sher and Dan, Aspen

Mani, Mumbai, India

"You are doing a great job. Really appreciate your work in [the LIT Just As You Are Meditation Club]. Thank you so much."

James, Grand Junction, CO

"You are such an amazing person. Except from a child I don't think I have ever felt such unconditional love. You are the true life embodiment of love. I have learned so much about being a man from you." 

Samantha, Baja, CO

"Dakini Leah. I love you and am glad you provide such an epic space [in the LIT Just As You Are Meditation Club] to center and express."

Sebastian, Frankfurt, Germany

“Today I made love to love. I won a battle against my guilt and opened as a flower.”

Brad and Aimee, Grand Junction, CO

“[Private couples Tantra] really opened up something amazing for me and my wife.”

Tom, Lakewood, CO

"Why should I restrict myself from enjoying and feeling life! I'm feeling blessed that we connected. Thank you so much, Dakini Leah!" 

David, San Francisco, CA

"Leah showed her skills by listening, sharing, giving, caring and loving me. I felt I was heard and understood.
Leah was able to precieve the right questions to ask. Even more important, she had answers to my challanges.
Thank you, Dakini Leah. You are a divine person with the gift of love and empathy.

Amber, Loveland, CA

"I just spend an hour of my time with this beautiful Tantric guide. It was the most love and peace I’ve felt in a long time. It was very much what I needed. I’m grieving the loss of my pet and dealing with some trauma from my childhood brought up in my present. There could be no better guide through these waters than Leah. She allowed me to cry, talk, and did a beautiful guided meditation session with me. Giving me mantras to take with me throughout my days. I will absolutely be using her services again in my future and I recommend you do the same!!"

Want to go deeper?

I care about you, just as you are. Book me for your personal, one-on-one Tantric meditation at a time that works for you. We’ll go deep in the heart of Who You Are and drench it with the sacred medicine of your sexual energy. No nudity. Just pure bliss. 30 minutes for $25. Worldwide currencies accepted.