LIT Meditation Club

Redefine Your Sexual Energy

Tantra is different from other schools of meditation because it uses the power of your sexual energy to balance, ground, and heal you. 


In the 5th dimension–also called the quantum field–there are infinite realities. In this series, you’ll ride your sexual energy to the 5th dimension and tune yourself to the reality of your dreams.


In Tantra we use sexual energy to revitalize the spirit and heal emotional wounds


Tantric meditation turns your sexual energy into blessings that will manifest through your day.


Channel your sexual energy into improved focus on your goals.

Also included:

• Learn powerful Tantric meditations techniques that affect real changes in your mind and body  

• LIVE Tantric meditations broadcast from our private Facebook group each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 am MDT. You’ll receive an alert 30 minutes before, and you’ll be greeted by name each time you join us. Can’t make the live broadcast? No worries. Catch the replay whenever you like.

• Watch the broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

• Going through a tough time? No matter where you are, we’ll come alongside you with powerful prayers and support.

• Meet other Tantra providers and explore their online classes and workshops.

• Your first 30 days are free, so come try it out.


If you continue with me after 30 days it’s only $19.99/month. The cost of lunch!
All international currencies are accepted. You can cancel at any time.


Thank you for witnessing my growth! These meditations have been such a blessing.

Julie Mahoney Thomas

Boulder, Colorado, New Body meditation series

Love spending the late morning [meditating] with you, sipping my coffee, enjoying my view…reflecting on the gifts of the universe. Thank you!

Linda Blaukamp

Holland, Michigan, Divine Love of Self meditation series

Fantastic. Orgasmically blissful meditation today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dakini Lisa A. Rizzoli, CTE

Reno, Nevada, Love on the Dark Side meditation series

Want answers?

You have them within you. Guided Tantric meditation uses your sexual energy to go deep into the hidden recesses of Who You Really Are for powerful answers to the seemingly unsolvable. Remote or in-person sessions available.