Meditating creates changes in physical tissue.

In April I attended a week-long intensive meditation retreat where I learned some powerful techniques I promised to share with you. I’m making good on that promise: we just wrapped a series I called Real Healing where we used three vital steps to create physical changes in sick bodies. The results were astounding, and I’ve set aside one day a month to continue that healing work. Keep your eyes peeled for the date in on the Meditation Club calendar.

For now, our club is moving on to another powerful technique I’m calling the New Body. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, our thoughts (for better or worse) signal our genes to create proteins equal to those thoughts, and those proteins create the tissues of our bodies. Your body, then, is literally made up of all the thoughts of your past. Your body is the old news.

There’s more.

In an effort to preserve itself, your body will crave the thoughts and emotions that created it. So unless you do something to interfere with the cycle, you’ll find yourself thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions as you did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. You’re addicted to the same old self. This is why it can be easy to start a new routine, and just as easy to lose resolve and fall back into your old ways as your body demands its fix.

You need a new body.

As you meditate on feeling whole, at peace, living with a more comfortable income, living with a vibrant partner, feeling satisfied with your homelife, thriving in your career, you are signaling different genes to make different proteins to create different tissues in your body. You are literally creating a new body. You can call on this future body in meditation and give yourself a taste of what it feels like to be the new you, even as you’re becoming the new you.

This is exactly what we’ll be doing in the New Body series. You’ll have the opportunity to send each one of your chakras new information about Who You Are and call on the new body of your future to live it now, as much as you can. Breaking the addiction to the Old You will be hard; I’m not going to sugar coat it. Progress will be two steps forward and one back, but the Meditation Club will be right there with you! I will be with you. You can do this.

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