For all the emphasis on the value of being in the present, it may seem strange to think of Tantric energy taking you into the future. Don’t we live most of our lives thinking ten steps ahead? What route am I going to take to get the kids to school on time this morning? What do I need from the grocery store this week? How am I going to get the money to pay for that surprise car repair? We think that way to survive. And, while it’s useful for getting things done, 10-steps-ahead thinking only employs the brain, not your heart or your sexual energy. It usually leaves you feeling anxious. Blah.

Ten-steps-ahead isn’t the only survival technique you probably use. Maybe you spend time stuck in the past, running on old scripts and hurts. Your ten-steps-ahead thinking is likely influenced by these scripts as you attempt to avoid more hurt. You don’t want the kids to be late to school because you don’t want anyone to think of you as a bad parent or for your kids to have the stigma of being disorganized. Maybe trying to figure out how to pay for that surprise repair triggers old memories of being a child and your family’s struggle with finances. 

Tantric time travel into the future isn’t like ten-steps-ahead thinking. It’s the ecstasy of drawing up your sexual energy to go into a light trance, and clearly–without old scripts–see a future event in the way you’d like it to unfold.

It’s a powerful technique that can open up insights into why something is important to you and the steps you can take to maximize the chances of its unfolding.

I’ll give you an example. Tomorrow, my family will gather for a potluck picnic at my brother’s house. I say family, but most of us didn’t grow up together. My biological parents are not a part of my life, and my biological sister lives far away. I wanted my kids to have the delicious experience of grandparents and aunts and uncles, so I invited the people I love dearly to fill those roles. We’ve been meeting for birthdays and holidays for years, but without that biological bond, we’re still feeling into what it means to be in this “adopted” family. Today, I used Tantric time travel to go into a light trance, breathing into my sexual energy to energize and relax myself, and then I envisioned how I’d like this family gathering to go. I saw people hugging. I saw the aunt and uncles playing cornhole, and the older kids and me playing beach ball volleyball, and all the kids running around with Nerf guns. I saw a raucous game of spoons with the grandparents. I saw a kitchen full of food and us circling up to hold hands and say a blessing. I saw my kids getting loved on and feeling the warmth of belonging to a family who loves them. I saw these adoptees feeling the authenticity of being our family. Since I engaged the whole of me rather than just my brain, I’m not experiencing that 10-steps-ahead anxiety of the food I need to prepare and the cleaning and the supplies I need to gather; I’m not kicking against a spiteful script toward my bio-parents. Tantric time travel has me feeling warmly excited for the love we’ll exchange tomorrow.

Why is Tantric time travel important? Don’t I come away with a to-do list either way? Yup. In fact, my list is even longer now! The difference is my heart and spirit are onboard with my head. Tantric time travel engages the whole of me, taking me comfortably beyond busy-ness to a future where I can love and be loved. Radiating with love–not anxiety–is how I plan to show up tomorrow. That’s a monumental shift.

Tantric time travel is vital. It’s the difference between living life and life living me. In our next three week meditation series, you’ll practice time traveling to future events you really care about. You’ll see them unfolding in just the way you want things to go. You’ll receive inspiration for action steps. Best of all, you’ll leave anxiety behind and feel radiant with love. What future that will be! Be LIT.

What future event do you wish would be full of love instead of anxiety? Tell me in the comments, below.

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