An erotic meditation series inspired by Margo Anand

Now that you’ve had a month to think about your personal altar and the rituals that really work for you during the Refuge in Ceremony series, we’re going to resume more formalized erotic meditation. This meditation comes from the pioneer of Sky Dancing Tantra and one of the most respected Dakinis in modern history, Margo Anand.

Margo’s Fire Meditation releases your wild self. (Tapping the wild self is a precursor to the practice of sexual magic, or intentional sex-energy ceremony to manifest something specific. You can get Margo’s book here, The Art of Sexual Magic.) The wild self is not the same thing as the party animal who loses control on a Friday night and wakes up on somebody’s couch with a splitting headache and the clap. The wild self is a distilled expression of your true identity. The wild self is intentional, spontaneous, unapologetic, confident, clear, and self-loving. The wild self may lie in wait, but it does not hide in fear.

I really like that last line. The wild self does not hide. I hide. A lot. I feel like my wild self will be too ostentatious for most people to handle, and I’ve no wish to make anyone uncomfortable around me. Other times, I feel like my wild self is a farce, like She isn’t going to stick around consistently, so why bother letting Her out at all?

Last week I attended a Human Awareness Institute online workshop, Introduction to Intimacy. The exercises, one after another, were about awareness of how we were feeling and the appropriate way to express it. We were letting out our wild sides, our authentic expression of self, in timed sound bytes so it would never become overwhelming. The facilitators simply listened, so there was no need to justify any of our feelings. We each worked through feelings quickly, discovered no one was truly alone in feeling things deeply, and we learned how to listen with acceptance. My wild Leah poked her head out and stayed out for the entire two hours. She never felt ostentatious.

Deep listening and acceptance is a good way to foster another’s wild self. Margo Anand’s Fire Meditation uses the same techniques. This morning as I was practicing on a remote rock at sunrise, my wild self came forward roaring angry. I growled into the canyon and then withered into hot tears while anger boiled and percolated like lava. My guides, whom I can usually hear so clearly, were silent for an hour. Then in a small, comforting voice they said, “Your emotions are OK. We can handle it. Live wild.” I felt cleaned out and accepted.

And now I’m wondering what it means to live wild, what will unfold as I do.

For the next eight live broadcasts, we’ll come together to practice Margo’s Fire Meditation, to experience our wild selves. We only have twenty minutes each time, which won’t allow us to get into all the meat Margo describes. So if you enjoy this meditation and you want to practice it in all its depth, contact me for an un-timed one-on-one.

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